Speed Ladder

Strengthens hip, thigh and core muscles for the feet quickness and knee lift that improves speed, balance and coordination during athletic endeavors. By encouraging proper foot placement and technique it also helps develop the agility, explosive power and responsiveness that make you a more dynamic athlete and helps you reach your workout goals. Comes with […]

Warrior Mat- Granite 24"" x 69"" x 5mm

One of the most versatile mats on the market, the Natural Fitness Warrior Mat has something for everyone. Manufactured without the harmful chemicals found in PVC foam mats to keep your practice healthy, it also keeps you safe thanks to the medium cushion and grooved patterned that prevents slipping. It’s also built to last so […]

Leg Power Tube

From warm up and stretching exercises to physical therapy and strength training, this secure ankle band creates constant resistance to activate and build the muscles that increase quickness, speed, leg drive and jumping. By allowing for forward, backward and lateral movement, it stimulates the entire lower body and creates the balance and hip flexibility needed […]